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This is where you well  get hand made Jewelry to your personalized taste in a professional way. We Eared Money the Old Fashioned way By Hand

Beads have been greatly beloved through the age, forming as they do the basic ingredients of our popular and costume jewellery. They are endlessly adaptable, as they may be repeatedly rearranged and rethread to suit the colour schemes of the moment. The different colours, patterns, shapes and textures of individual beads create intriguing possibilities; perhaps a style as intimate and personal as a hair-style or  favorite pair of shoes, or wildly extravagant and sensational.

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I discovered that the history and archaeology of beads were as under-researched as the neglected techniques of making and threading beads. I had studied the basics of jewelry and silver-smiting, but it seemed that threading beads was for primary school or occupational therapy, definitely not for serious designers!

At the present moment there seem to be more jewellers then ever designing and designing and making beautiful and innovative pieces, often using alternative materials in preference to the traditional precious metals. Craftspeople are experimenting with all sorts of miniature and small-scale techniques; collectors and the fashion-conscious are staring to re-evaluate what used to be dismissed as 'costume' jewelry, and the hand-made beads of stone, ceramic and glass of 'early' or 'primitive' peoples are being appreciated and worn alongside  conventional jewelry. Indeed trends are broadening to include colour, pattern and light as well as weight, texture, movement, and so on. Relative values of materials have changed too; while stones like garnet or freshwater pearls are more plentiful and cheaper than ever, true red Mediterranean coral gets scarcer and more expensive as accessible are fished out; and substances such as new ivory and tortoiseshell have strict import restrictions.

The term 'crystal' can mean the natural colourless gemstone quartz, or fine quality cut glass.

Opaque glass will not allow you to look for flaws, but if it seems to resemble a gemstone it may have the traces of spiral winding. It may also have had a peppering of coloured or metallic flecks melted on the outside in imitation of the texture of jade, lapis or aventurine quartz, for example. If it were broken, this would immediately be obvious.

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