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     You asked for it and here it is; the all new web site. 

     There's something for everyone here. For all seasoned.

     Leather work is such a rewarding pastime and provides hours of  pleasant relaxation, fun and          
     creativity which can be enjoyed.


1 -- Silhouette Stamping; 

2 -- Inverted Carving; 

3 -- Rough-Out Carving.


Stamping is the simplest and easiest of the group. It consists of cutting only the outline of the design and beveling and matting down the design within these lines. Silhouette stamping offers the craftsman, beginner or professional, unlimited uses of design and self expression and will open a whole new field of leather carving and stamping enjoyment.

Very few stamping tools are required as the entire operation consists of matting down the leather inside the design outlines. Proper Silhouette designing should be of fine with few, heavy overlapping segments or large, open areas requiring excessive matting.


Carving differs from the regular raised carving, as we know  it, in that the design itself is depressed
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[ not raised ] being beveled and stamped down inside the outlines. The background areas remain raised and untouched. Just in reverse of the usual beveling and  stamping methods.
Inverted Carving designs can range from very simple motifs to very intricate detailing with the use of many stamping tools.
Most of the usual leather carving patterns do not work out too satisfactorily with the Inverted carving techniques especially where too many heavy overlaps occur. In general practices, the design should be more open in the background areas to permit  freedom of design and more pleasing effects.
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Carving is actually no different from the regular methods either raised, inverted, or silhouette. Only the effect is different in that the design is carved and in the flesh side. Of the leather, rather then the customary grain side.
After carving and stamping; the leather with coarse sand




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